Sunday, April 09, 2006

Traveling with chunker

So it's Sunday in the boring city of San Jose. The only things that people consider exciting events here are the eBay conventions, which is really sad but we are in Silicon Valley. The sun is actually shining but it is still 50 degrees out (to my dismay). We will attempt to go to the park in a little while hoping to get a little exercise, a little sun and some much needed fresh air. I love going to the park. No wait, let me rephrase that, "I love anything that has to do with us actually leaving the confinements of our home". Because lets face it people, having a 1 year old and being pregnant doesn't leave you with many choices of fun things to do. So the park is a nice escape.
Being at the park is not an issue for Emils. The difficulty presents itself when we strap her into her car seat. From the start of the engine until she's taken out of the car all you hear is a constant whining and a shriek so high pitched that you'd wish you were deaf. Yes, she hates the car seat. It's as if she feels it suck the life out of her. Or, as I like to put it, it impedes her from sucking the life out of me(i.e., no walking, crawling or any other action that involves me chasing her around). I'm looking forward to the park because L and I need some sort of activity that does not involve using a remote. We're not in the best shape and we feel and see it. Plus, Emils needs some sun.
So, I hope today is a good day with little or no drama from the chunker. For once, just one, I would love for just L and I to go out and have a good time, in peace, with no screaming or crying. Soon enough, soon enough. Grandma will be here and we will get that wonderful once in a year opportunity to go away and not have to worry. Grandma, we miss you!!!!


At 6:09 AM, Blogger Skywalkerzmum said...

:) ahhhh.. missing Grandma (big smiles). With a stroller in tow, the park is perfect! Everyone gets exercise, the chunkerbuns gets an introduction to nature, and being outside, away from walls and laundry and dirty dishes helps clear the mind and remind us of the little, yet ultimately, essentials of life... that which thrives on the other side of walls. I am surprised that Emils has taken up whining. Must be that she has joined the group of toddlers that belong to the 'terrible 2's'. You will all survive it. Neither L or El joined that club. Dunno what the difference is and not sure that I have any good advice to deal with it. Sorry. Just make sure Mom (you) get that quiet 'me' time to regroup at some point in your busy day :) Great work on the blog! Heart you guys!!! The Grandma


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