Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Beach

So this past weekend, we decided to take a trip to the beach. The weather has finally been forgiving and therefore providing us with warm sunny days. Plus, it was a great excuse to dress Emily up in the little hula outfit that grandma got for her. With the plans all set, off to Target we went. Jeez, Target, I swear if it weren't for my small sense of will power I'd end up broke leaving that place. Once the shopping was done, we were ready.
Now, chunker bun had never really experienced the beach. Sure, we'd taken her a couple of times when she was an itty bitty baby, but now, she'd be able to experience the sand and ocean.
Needless to say that she wasn't too thrilled with it. The sand was cold, it was windy, and there was a curious sea lion scoping us out which made her all the more scared. But all in all after getting her aclimated, we had a nice time.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Indiana....Here we come.. (can you sense the joy?)

It's Wednesday morning and I'm in a pretty good mood despite the horrible weather out. The chunker is getting her bath when, L comes in the kitchen and says, "I want to go home". All I can say is "Great!". Now, you must understand that, this is coming from the guy that was bent on staying in Cali for at least 5 years. He went on to tell me why and when he's thinking is the best time. So, we came up with March of next year. I don't think I've had something so great to look forward too since we found out we were having a boy. Us moving back is something that pretty much both our families have been wanting since we moved out here. As you might expect, they're excited as well . We feel a sense of happiness since we made this decision. So, we're hoping everything goes well for us through this year. And next March, we'll be on our way home. It feels great to say that, home.
One thing that I'm really looking forward to is being able to go out and have fun once in a while, and knowing that my kids are in great hands (yes grandma E, that means you). There's no one better to babysit your kids that their grandma and papaw. I can't wait! Emils and the baby will be able to grow up in a place where the number one cause of respiratory problems is smog. A place where they can play in the grassy fields and collect bugs, berries and rocks. It's just a nice place. Sure, kind of boring sometimes, but nice.
On a more awww note, Emils has once again tested her tolerance to pain. Poor chunker. Thank goodness it was nothing major. I swear, that girl needs a helmet and some pads as an everyday accessory. And yes, I have put it on my shopping list. I forgot to mention that Emils has become quite the little climber. Now, the living room table and anything that she has access to have become her own little obstacle course. All I have to say is, I better stock up on neosporin, children's tylenol and come up with more song and dance combos to get her to calm down. Ah, the life of a mom.
Flash forward to December of 06. We should've stayed in California.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Traveling with chunker

So it's Sunday in the boring city of San Jose. The only things that people consider exciting events here are the eBay conventions, which is really sad but we are in Silicon Valley. The sun is actually shining but it is still 50 degrees out (to my dismay). We will attempt to go to the park in a little while hoping to get a little exercise, a little sun and some much needed fresh air. I love going to the park. No wait, let me rephrase that, "I love anything that has to do with us actually leaving the confinements of our home". Because lets face it people, having a 1 year old and being pregnant doesn't leave you with many choices of fun things to do. So the park is a nice escape.
Being at the park is not an issue for Emils. The difficulty presents itself when we strap her into her car seat. From the start of the engine until she's taken out of the car all you hear is a constant whining and a shriek so high pitched that you'd wish you were deaf. Yes, she hates the car seat. It's as if she feels it suck the life out of her. Or, as I like to put it, it impedes her from sucking the life out of me(i.e., no walking, crawling or any other action that involves me chasing her around). I'm looking forward to the park because L and I need some sort of activity that does not involve using a remote. We're not in the best shape and we feel and see it. Plus, Emils needs some sun.
So, I hope today is a good day with little or no drama from the chunker. For once, just one, I would love for just L and I to go out and have a good time, in peace, with no screaming or crying. Soon enough, soon enough. Grandma will be here and we will get that wonderful once in a year opportunity to go away and not have to worry. Grandma, we miss you!!!!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Here she is

Well, I had to post one sometime. Here she is, the chunker bun. Yes, I know, it's from Christmas. But being the procrastinator that I am. I have yet to scan her new pics. So, bear with me.

A little on us

So, I just remembered that I've somewhat introduced chunker bun (Emils). But, I've managed to forget us (L and I). Not much to discuss there though. I'm right, he's wrong (lol, joking). L and I are actually a funny story. But I will tell that one some other time. So for now, just some normal information. We used to live in Indiana (how I miss it so.......sniff), but decided to move to the golden state. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are Hoosiers. Well, technically I'm a Hoosier by residency. But both Emils and L are Bloomington Hospital babies. And no, to this day, I still have no idea what a Hoosier is, so don't ask. We moved from the good ol' country to the smog covered ethnic jungle of California. For you peaceful living lovers out there who ask "But why?", I honestly have no idea. We have no one out here. No friends, no family, just us and L's dad. I guess, our excuse is, we moved out here for the "opportunity". But let's face it people, even the janitor working at Google or Yahoo! needs to have some sort of degree to work there. Now, I know, I know, Cali isn't terrible. There's the gorgeous sea side with all it's cliffs and farms and that wonderful smell of the ocean (which I missed, being from Fla and moving to Indiana). But, there's nothing like the peace and quiet of the country.
I love Indiana. The beautiful trees and flowers in the spring. And that subtle sweet scent of the country in the evening (ahh!). The hot summers, which at night are perfect for laying out in the back of your truck with a beer and looking at the sky or for a softball game. And the fall. Ah, fall. The leaves in shades of red, yellow, and brown. But best of all, the cool crisp air. Yes, as you can tell, I love it, miss it, and can't wait to go back. But we're here, and it's okay. I enjoy going to the beach on the weekends and having fresh seafood. Hmm, seems like I've rambled on about where we've lived and where we are now, but not about us.
Like I said, there's not much to tell except we're young parents with two completely different personalities. And sure, we drive each other crazy, but I think that out differences are what makes us compatible. He's a free spirit type and I'm the stubborn perfectionist type. I remind him of living a responsible life, and he reminds me that life is too short and I should enjoy it. He's great with Emils. A great dad. I just wish poopy time was a shared time (lol). We're just young parents exploring the jungle that is parenthood. And so far, we have avoided falling off the water fall (whatever that means). More on us later. I guess I'll be descriving us in installments. We're just too complicated for one post. ; )

How many steps...

So, after almost 2 months of trying it out, Emils has finally gotten comfortable walking. L and I used to say that we couldn't wait for Emils to start walking. But now, we just wish she'd slow down. From 8 am to 9 pm, it's non-stop chasing, gasping and breathing sighs of relief. She's quite the little climber too. No piece of furniture is safe. And let's not even get started on her love of clothes (i.e., opening all her drawers and scattering clothes all over the place). I could start my own laundry business considering how much stuff I have to wash, fold, iron and hang. It's become a full-time job (laundry).
All in all, I enjoy every minute of chaos that Emils has to offer. But between you and me, my favorite part of the day is when I put her to sleep. Her sweet chubby face looking so peaceful. The perfect angel (sleeping). But when awake, the transformation occurs and my sweet chunker bun is a little hurricane, tearing through the house. Boy, I can't wait until she's coordinated enough that she starts to run (can you sense the sarcasm?).

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Finally!! We return!

Jeez, I thought I'd never be able to post on this thing again. All I have to say is, SBC techies, get your stuff straight. After almost 2 weeks of no dsl (the agony), it's finally on again. And I can keep trying to post things about Emils. So, where shall I begin.....? We've been terribly ill for the past week. Me with a severe sinus infection and poor little Emils with an ear infection. But, thanks to the man who discovered penicillin, we are doing much better. And hopefully by the end of the week we should be well on our way to completely recovering from this annoying bug.
This is Emils first real illness, and she's been a trooper. Although, she feels the need to scream at the top of her lungs when I have to clear her nose (it's not fun for me either, trust me). We've pretty much been home all week since this annoying weather just wont let up. And well, I really don't think that having our illnesses progress to pneumonia is a good thing. So, we just sit at home and watch the rain. So, maybe in another couple of days something exciting will happen. Until then, my blog is just plain boring.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Moving on up...and around

Finally, Emils has reached her first milestone, turning one. It's exciting for me as it is for her. Well actually, it's terrifying for me. She's starting to walk around, and that means watching her every step in order to avoid her needing a CT-Scan before she's five. Doctor's say that babies are exceptionally hard headed (no pun intended), but still, I'd prefer her wear a little helmet and be protected than L and I ending up in the emergency room because she's discovered that once you go up (a piece of furniture) you must come down.
But, Emils is a smart baby (or should I say toddler) and walking seems to be a piece of cake for her. And once she gets the hang of it, it's another ability to add to her days of adventure coming up ahead.