Saturday, April 08, 2006

A little on us

So, I just remembered that I've somewhat introduced chunker bun (Emils). But, I've managed to forget us (L and I). Not much to discuss there though. I'm right, he's wrong (lol, joking). L and I are actually a funny story. But I will tell that one some other time. So for now, just some normal information. We used to live in Indiana (how I miss it so.......sniff), but decided to move to the golden state. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are Hoosiers. Well, technically I'm a Hoosier by residency. But both Emils and L are Bloomington Hospital babies. And no, to this day, I still have no idea what a Hoosier is, so don't ask. We moved from the good ol' country to the smog covered ethnic jungle of California. For you peaceful living lovers out there who ask "But why?", I honestly have no idea. We have no one out here. No friends, no family, just us and L's dad. I guess, our excuse is, we moved out here for the "opportunity". But let's face it people, even the janitor working at Google or Yahoo! needs to have some sort of degree to work there. Now, I know, I know, Cali isn't terrible. There's the gorgeous sea side with all it's cliffs and farms and that wonderful smell of the ocean (which I missed, being from Fla and moving to Indiana). But, there's nothing like the peace and quiet of the country.
I love Indiana. The beautiful trees and flowers in the spring. And that subtle sweet scent of the country in the evening (ahh!). The hot summers, which at night are perfect for laying out in the back of your truck with a beer and looking at the sky or for a softball game. And the fall. Ah, fall. The leaves in shades of red, yellow, and brown. But best of all, the cool crisp air. Yes, as you can tell, I love it, miss it, and can't wait to go back. But we're here, and it's okay. I enjoy going to the beach on the weekends and having fresh seafood. Hmm, seems like I've rambled on about where we've lived and where we are now, but not about us.
Like I said, there's not much to tell except we're young parents with two completely different personalities. And sure, we drive each other crazy, but I think that out differences are what makes us compatible. He's a free spirit type and I'm the stubborn perfectionist type. I remind him of living a responsible life, and he reminds me that life is too short and I should enjoy it. He's great with Emils. A great dad. I just wish poopy time was a shared time (lol). We're just young parents exploring the jungle that is parenthood. And so far, we have avoided falling off the water fall (whatever that means). More on us later. I guess I'll be descriving us in installments. We're just too complicated for one post. ; )


At 8:10 AM, Blogger Skywalkerzmum said...

"I'm right, he's wrong" Being female, I get that :) Now I am going to define 'Hoosier' for you (wouldn't ya know it?!?).
This is a link... well written, humorous. A quote from the link, in case you really don't want to know and won't go to the link: 'The best evidence, however, suggests that "Hoosier" was a term of contempt and opprobrium common in the upland South and used to denote a rustic, a bumpkin, a countryman, a roughneck, a hick or an awkward, uncouth or unskilled fellow. Although the word's derogatory meaning has faded, it can still be heard in its original sense, albeit less frequently than its cousins "Cracker" and "Redneck."
Signed... Proud Hoosier :)

At 8:12 AM, Blogger Skywalkerzmum said...

btw... your description of Indiana is perfect! Come visit anytime :)


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