Saturday, March 25, 2006

Moving on up...and around

Finally, Emils has reached her first milestone, turning one. It's exciting for me as it is for her. Well actually, it's terrifying for me. She's starting to walk around, and that means watching her every step in order to avoid her needing a CT-Scan before she's five. Doctor's say that babies are exceptionally hard headed (no pun intended), but still, I'd prefer her wear a little helmet and be protected than L and I ending up in the emergency room because she's discovered that once you go up (a piece of furniture) you must come down.
But, Emils is a smart baby (or should I say toddler) and walking seems to be a piece of cake for her. And once she gets the hang of it, it's another ability to add to her days of adventure coming up ahead.


At 6:58 PM, Blogger Skywalkerzmum said...

You know, Maria... you have done a beautiful job with your first entry :) Love the chunkerbun... can't wait for more of her adventures!! Keep up the good work, Mom.


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